Who will benefit from this course?

Anyone, horse or human, who has solid basics but may be new to clicker training; horses who are laid up and whose lives may be restricted to their stalls or limited exercise; sensitive horses who can react to the slightest touch which can make it difficult to work on them; horses who are the opposite of sensitive- the ones who seem not to notice your efforts to get them to respond; or anyone confined to barn training due to weather, such as a long winter.


Watch how I approach training a horse to load willingly and comfortably.

Oral Dosing

Don't wait until you need to dose a horse to train it!


When there are multiple steps that you need cooperation for, it's important to figure out exactly what you want your horse to do during that time.

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30 Days of Husbandry

30 different skills to work on with your horse to improve comfort and safety with husbandry needs. One year course access.

Here you will find training solutions for the challenges of day to day life with horses. If your horse is unhappy being loaded into a trailer, being bathed, having his feet worked with, or other necessary chores, it’s always best, of course, to prepare for these things long before you need them.

Lessons include skills for daily care, such as tying and hoof care, as well as less frequent veterinary well visits and even preparing for emergency situations.

You will have one year to complete this course.